A fairly large one, that genuinely cares about the original

Basque ProvincesNext hair extensions, relax awhile in Euskal Herria the Basque Provinces of Northern Spain and Southern France. Treat yourself to seafood from the Bay of Biscay, or lamb stew with txakoli (cha koe lee) sparkling wine or Basque cider, and immerse yourself in the sounds of a language unlike anything else in Europe. Basque is not related to English,…

If someone didn’t know Fear of the Dark and they heard us play

Harp Twins Hit NL Maybe you’ve heard of Camille and Kennerly Kitt, better known by their stage name ‘The Harp Twins.’ The fitting title comes from the girls’ love of the harp instrument as well as their most obvious distinction of being identical twins. The girls have risen to viral internet and worldwide status after canada goose outlet paypal a…

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